Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Summer Patio Must-Have for your Furry Friends

This past weekend was GOR-geous here in Southern Ontario. The sun was out, the birds were chirping and everyone and their four leggers emerged from their homes to bask in the spring splendour.

We dusted off our patio furniture and reintroduced it to our deck last weekend - only to be taken over by a certain weimaraner looking for a comfy spot to soak up the sun:

So in an attempt to reclaim the patio furniture for the two legged members of the family, I set out to my favourite pet store, Ren's Pet Depot, in search of comfy outdoor beds for the pups.

I was happy to find a huge selection of Bowser Beds made for outdoor use. I love Bowser Beds (we have the doughnut beds for each of our weims) - they are durable, washable and super comfy for our pillow-loving pups. I wish I took a picture of their selection. They had some really great fabrics and beds of all shapes & sizes - large, small, round, rectangle, thick, thin - you name it.

I picked up two of the basic mats and the pups tried them out indoors when we got home. I think they approve.

Looking forward to the next sunny Sunday..